How much do you know about the best food for baby constipation?

By | November 8, 2018

Have you ever noticed that babies who cry while pooping? If you have come across through such incidents, what do you think about that condition? Do you think that it is normal? Actually; that is abnormal. Do you know that it is a sign of constipation in babies? Yes, of course! In addition; you might have noticed certain babies and toddlers who strain so much while trying to pass poops. When considering straining, we cannot decide whether the baby is constipated or not just depending on that activity. Straining is almost a normal activity. Currently; constipation in babies has become a kind of big issue in the community. Our main intention of making this post is just to discuss the best food for baby constipation. Moreover; we hope to discuss a few of the most important aspects constipation in babies.

best food for baby constipation

What are the baby foods that help with constipation?

Since the diet is one of the main factors which makes a considerable impact on constipation in babies and kids, it is easy to get rid of this condition by making simple changes in the baby’s diet. Just consider that foods with a higher fiber content are really good for constipation.

Let us have a look at how to defeat constipation in babies through adding best food for baby constipation.

Sweet potatoes

For those who are looking for how to relieve baby constipation, definitely try out sweet potatoes.

Typically; high carbohydrate foods are not good for constipation. We know that now you have a confusion regarding high-carb veggie with reference to constipation in babies.

Here’s why?

When considering sweet potatoes it is also a tuber veggie which is rich in carbohydrates. Not only carbohydrates but also sweet potatoes contain a massive amount of other essential nutrients.

best food for baby constipation

Consumption of sweet potatoes with its skin is really effective.

Why is that?

A medium-sized sweet potato comprises of around 3.8 grams of fiber.


Kiwi is another fruit which contains a considerably large amount of dietary fibers. Therefore; kiwi has the potential of enhancing bowel movements for a greater extent. That is why; this fruit is great for getting relieved from constipation.

It is possible to prepare this fruit as a juice or else kiwi can be consumed as a freshly cut fruit. Regular consumption of kiwi helps in avoiding constipation.


Prunes are widely used as a relieving agent not only for babies but also in adults. The utmost reason for effective constipation relieving characteristic of prunes is the extreme fiber content.

Even prunes have the potential of making newborn babies who suffered from constipation. Typically; the formula fed newborns suffer from constipation rather than breastfeeding babies. But, there are so many cases worldwide regarding breastfeeding newborns who get constipated. It is possible to relieve such babies by making certain changes in mother’s diet.

It is pretty much simple!

By adding a few prunes to mom’s diet is the best option in such a situation.


How to prepare prunes for relieving your baby from constipation?

There are two main ways to give prunes to your baby.

Method 1

Preparation of a juice using prunes is a great way to relieve constipation in babies who are not comfortable with chewing.

Method 2

  • Clean prunes thoroughly.
  • Soak them overnight.
  • Give them as the very first meal of the day.

Have you ever thought how prunes do this magic?

Basically; prunes facilitate smooth bowel movements so that the gut becomes capable of passing poop without making any pain.

Green peas

Green peas is another legume which is rich in fibers. Therefore; green peas has the capability of assisting babies to pass poop easily.


There are many ways to add green peas for your baby’s food.

  • Simply; you can boil green peas.
  • In addition; it is possible to prepare a puree of green peas using boiled green peas.
  • Other than that; you can add boiled green peas to main meals for garnishing. Babies love the lovely green color of this legume.


Oatmeal is a baby food which can be introduced at 6 months or older than 6 months babies. Due to the excessive amount of fiber content, oatmeal is great for constipated babies. Not only fibers, but oats also consist of a huge amount of other essential nutrients.

This super food has the potential of preventing the hardening of stools. There, oats do not give a chance for stools to get constipated.

best food for baby constipation

It is wiser to add oats as a compulsory part of your baby’s everyday meals as much as possible.

There are numerous ways to prepare oats for your baby.

  • Oats porridge
  • Oats as a breakfast cereal

There you can combine oats with milk and fruits depending on your personal preferences.

  • oats soups

Though oats come to the market with a wide variety, steel-cut oats are the best type of oats for babies. Even you can give rolled oats as well. But, steel-cut oats are the less-processed variety.


Popcorn is another great source which is full of insoluble dietary fibers. There are so many ways to add popcorn to your baby’s diet. Most of the instances, popcorn is used as a snack.

best food for baby constipation

Make sure not to add chocolate dressing when serving popcorns to your constipated baby. Moreover; it necessary to add butter or oil as little as possible when preparing popcorns.


Actually; pears is a  fruit which is rich in fibers. As mentioned earlier in this text, fibers add bulk to stools. There the excretion process becomes so much easier. Other than that; pears have a large amount of vitamin C.


Have you ever known that vitamin C accelerates the digestion process?

Yep, it is. If you can add a slice of pears or a little amount of fresh juice made of pears, of course, you can make your baby get rid of constipation.


Almost all of the varieties of berries are great for getting relief from constipation. Because of the pleasant flavor, babies and kids seem so much love to have berries as side dishes or else as snacks. Not only as a constipation reliever, but berries also offer hundreds of health benefits for everyone. Actually; berries such as strawberries, blackberries, red mulberries, blueberries, chokeberries, black raspberries, cranberries, gooseberries, raspberries, and cloudberries are rich in numerous antioxidants.


Therefore; you need not think twice before giving berries for your baby or the toddler. Keep in your mind that you can even give dried berries, juice made of berries for your baby. Before giving dried berries, make sure to soak them overnight.


When considering apricots, it is another effective constipation reliever which is widely used. As we all know apricot is a seasonal fruit. This fruit is not available throughout the entire year.

But, there is nothing to worry!

Dried apricots are available in the market throughout the year.


You can definitely give your baby overnight soaked apricots without thinking twice. Dried apricots are also effective just like fresh apricots.

If you can find fresh apricots, of course, you can prepare apricot juice or else even you can give babies raw apricots.


Broccoli is a finger food for babies who have started solids. As broccoli consists of a considerably large amount of dietary fibers this green veggie plays a fantastic role in babies who are suffering from constipation.


Do not forget that broccoli is rich in proteins as well.

There are so many ways to add broccoli to your baby’s meals.

  • Simply; you can steam the broccoli florets give them as a finger food.
  • Moreover; you can add them to soups.
  • In addition; it is possible to prepare a puree from broccoli as well.

Whole grain bread

Whole grain bread has the potential of preventing constipation as they contain a large number of dietary fibers. Try to avoid white bread as much as possible.



The green veggie, beans are rich in dietary fibers. Both insoluble, as well as soluble fibers, are present in beans. Basically;  soluble fibers are important in the absorption of nutrients from the food. Water-soluble dietary fibers slow down the digesting process in order to facilitate the food absorption process. Since water-insoluble fibers add more bulk to the stools, pooping becomes so much easier than ever.


By referring to the above-mentioned foods, now you all see that high fiber foods for babies are the best as well as the most practical solution for constipation in babies. Therefore; try to feed your baby with a balanced diet as much as possible.

What are the foods which promote constipation in babies?

As mentioned earlier in this text, the diet, as well as the overall fluid intake, are the key factors which determine constipation in babies. There you see that diet is such an important factor. It is important to have a clear idea regarding what are constipation causing foods as a parent. Under this subtopic, we are going to talk about foods which play a negative role in babies who suffer from constipation.

Here we go!



Yogurt is a highly nutritious food which is even good for babies who are on solids. As yogurts contain a large number of probiotics, yogurts assist in enhancing the number of good bacteria in the gut through adding live bacteria cultures. That is why; yogurt plays a great role in avoiding diarrhea.

With reference to the condition, constipation in babies, yogurts play a negative role. Since yogurt lacks any dietary fibers, consumption of yogurts is not good for constipated babies at all. Other than that; yogurt has a binding characteristic. Consequently; the food particles get bounded while the digesting process is going on. The ultimate consequence might be constipation most of the times.


All of us know that cheese is such a nutritious dairy product. Cheese is recommended as a phosphorous-rich food for babies. Though cheese is great in nutritional value it is not good babies who suffer from difficulties in pooping. The low fiber content in cheese is the main reason.


So, it is wiser to avoid the consumption of all cheese types in a period of time that you observe a hard time of your baby with defecating.

Formula-based baby foods

During the early stages of life, formula-fed babies seem more prone to face constipation. Do not think that breastfeeding babies never get constipated. Actually; formula-fed babies constipation rather than breastfeeding babies.




There is a considerable amount of ingredients which are hard to digest in almost all of the formulated baby foods. Various kinds of complex proteins are responsible for constipation in babies most of the instances.

In accordance with the advice of health professionals, it is wiser to feed your baby with natural foods as much as possible.

Baby cereals

Baby cereals are frequently used as one of the main baby food after introducing solids to babies. Excess consumption of cereals causes constipation in babies as well as in toddlers.

Do you know why?

Actually; the amount of dietary fibers in cereals is too low.

There is nothing to get amazed!

Cereals are prepared by grinding various kinds of grains such as oats, buckwheat, corn, millet, barley, rye, sorghum, green gram, and rice. Technically; this part of the cereal processing is known as milling. During this milling process, longer dietary fibers are converted into very small fragments.

Another important point that we would like to emphasize here is that the bran is separated in the refining process of grains. Actually; bran contains a huge amount of dietary fibers. In the refining process, a great loss of dietary fibers occurs. Not only fibers but also numerous nutritional elements are the loss with the removal of bran.

Cereals are rich in starch. Lack of dietary fibers makes the child so hard to pass feces. Other than that; extreme hardening of poop can also be known as the main reason for constipation in babies.


When considering the consumption of cereals, most of the times, dairy is included in the preparation procedure. Not only cereals but also dairy make negative impacts on constipation. Other than that; adding banana slices for cereal-based baby food is not good as banana also has a negative effect on constipation of babies.


“Eat an apple every day keeps the doctor away” is a popular proverb in the English language. This proverb makes the sense of the nutritional value of an apple. Even though apples are highly nutritious, apples promote the hardening of stools for a greater extent. That is why; apples are not good for a baby who is suffering from constipation.

Do not forget that apples are widely used as a well-known home-based remedy for diarrhea.

Both raw apples, as well as cooked apples, are not good when a baby is having a hard time with pooping.


Do you know that even applesauce is not good for babies with constipation?

Yes, of course! It is necessary to avoid applesauce as it contains a considerably large amount of pectin. Pectin is the natural compound [protein] which is used to manufacture various kinds of jams. This compound has the capability of hardening of poop as well.

Therefore; it is really important to avoid apple and apple-based foods until the baby gets recovered totally from constipation.


Ripe banana is great for babies as an energetic food. But, unripe banana cause so many problems in the digesting process. Babies find that raw banana -based foods are really hard to digest. The ultimate consequence will be constipation.


What are raw-banana based foods?

  • cooked unripe banana
  • Porridge made of sun-dried raw banana  powder
  • Fried raw banana chips

It is wiser to avoid the above-mentioned raw banana-based foods as constipation gets worst with the consumption of them.


Rice is consumed as the staple food in most of the Asian countries. Foods based on rice are highly recommended for babies who are in the appropriate age for consuming solid foods. But, there are so many instances of babies who got constipated because of consuming rice and other baby food which are made of rice.


If you suspect that your baby has got constipated, it is wiser to avoid rice until everything gets settled.


Basically; tubers are veggies which contain a considerably higher amount of starch than fiber. Actually; the fiber content is pretty much low. Other than that; tubers are great as immense energy sources. But, we would like to emphasize you all that almost all of the tubers are not good when you see that your baby is having a difficult time with pooping.

Keep in your mind that the tuber veggie, sweet potato is great for babies who suffer from constipation. We hope to discuss sweet potato through upcoming paragraphs.

Just go ahead!


Though carrots are rich in vitamin A, it has been proved that the consumption of steamed carrots causes constipation in babies and kids most of the time. Since steamed carrots have a solidifying characteristic of feces, babies get into trouble when they try to pass poop.


Baby pasta

Though pasta is loaded with carbohydrates, it is another food with such a low fiber content. Almost all of the baby pasta varieties are rich in a bundle of essential nutrients. Babies seem to be so much love to have pasta as the main course.


Pasta is full of carbohydrates but the amount of dietary fibers is really low. If you notice that your baby is constipated, of course, it is necessary to avoid pasta until the condition gets settled.

White bread

Not only in babies but also in toddlers, white bread causes constipation.

Have you ever thought why?


As we all know; white bread is made of all-purpose flour. Generally; all-purpose flour is considered a highly processed form of grains. Since the grain is highly processed, white flour contains a little amount of fiber. While highly-fibrous foods improve the digesting process, low-fibrous foods make delay the entire digesting process.

Otherwise, the constipation condition gets worst with continued consumption of low-fiber contained foods like white bread.


It is not wiser to give chocolates to your baby or toddler when they are constipated. Since the fiber content is pretty much low in all chocolate varieties, there is a great probability for getting constipated after consuming excessive amounts of chocolate.


Basically; chocolate slows down the entire digestion process. If you have already noted that your baby has been constipated, never give chocolate until the baby gets recovered.


Not only chocolates but also it is necessary to avoid chocolate-based foods like chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate spread, and chocolate milk etc.

The dark side of constipation in kids

We would like to mention that it is not wiser to underestimate the health condition, constipation. Actually; there are enough incidents of death of kids due to constipation. In addition; there are so many instances of kids underwent through surgeries of the removal of the damaged segments of the colon due to constipation. The utmost precautions for avoiding constipation is making changes in bad lifestyles and meals.
Constipation causes the death of kids through an array of a process.
  • Accumulation of stools causes the extreme enlargement of the colon
  • Extreme enlargement of the colon leads to the condition, engorgement with the poop.
  • Compression of the chest cavity
  • Triggering a fatal heart attack

How to identify whether your kid is constipated or not?

In accordance with the research studies, there is a considerable amount of kids and babies suffer from constipation for a longer period of time even without making an intention on their parents at least. Here, we would like to mention a few of the points which help parents to suspect constipation in toddlers and kids.
  • Passing urine in the bed while sleeping
Since the colon is full of poop, the bladder gets irritated as well as gets flattened throughout the day.
  • Frequent passing of urine during the daytime in relatively small amounts
Continuous irritating of the bladder is the reason for this condition.
  • Frequent incidents of urinary tract infections
  • Passing poop without any sensation
This happens due to the extreme stretching of the rectum.

What are the key reasons for constipation epidemic?

Health professionals emphasize a few main reasons behind constipation epidemic. Let us have a look at what they are.
As the very first reason, the unhealthy diet is considered. Processed foods make a great impact on causing as well as worsting constipation. During almost all of the food processing, the dietary fibers are broken down into smaller parts. When insoluble dietary fibers become less in the diet, the gut cannot produce bulk stools. A balanced diet does not cause constipation at all.
Consumption of ready-to-eat meals can be known as another reason behind constipation epidemic.
When considering the washroom policies in schools, there are numerous schools which offer misguided bathroom policies. This kind of policies makes a negative impact on the health of kids. Actually; that is a huge impact on constipation in kids.
Terrible and unpleasant washroom condition is the other key reason which leads kids to constipation as well.
Other than that; it is said that it is not wiser to train your baby before 2 years as it causes chronic constipation. Depending on the medical professionals’ advise, it is good to wait until the kid become 3 years old at least for starting toilet training.

Video Guide

Just refer the following video so that you will be able to know so much about constipation relieving foods which can give to babies.

Wrapping Up!

We firmly believe that now you have a satisfactory idea about the best food for baby constipation and its background aspects. As a parent, it is really important to have a clear idea about these facts. Moreover; always try to have an idea about the nature of your kid’s poop in a regular manner.

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