2018 Detailed guide of contact lens infection treatment-All you need to know

By | September 27, 2018

As we all know, eyes are considered as one of the most important organs in the body. We cannot see anything without eyes. When considering the individuals at this time, there is a huge number of individuals who use visual aids like spectacles or eyeglasses. Since eyeglasses are somewhat inconvenient-to-use, there is a great demand for contact lens or contacts. In this era, we see a great increase in the use of contact lenses all over the world. Actually; contact lenses came on the stage as a pretty much easy-to-use and ultra comfortable alternative for eyeglasses. But, currently, we can see that contact lenses are used for fashion as well. Though contacts are a great way to say goodbye to troublesome spectacles, there are users who are looking for contact lens infection treatment.

contact lens infection treatment

So, let us discuss a few of the most important aspects of eye care with reference to infections which are caused by contact lenses through the following description.

Here’s the deal:

Before dealing with contact lens infection treatment…

Have you ever found why contact users get eye infections frequently?

It is important to talk about the causes of various types of eye infections prior to pay our attention to the contact lens infection treatment.

Here are the most common causes of eye infections.

  • Bacteria

The infected eye condition, conjunctivitis occurs due to bacterial infection most of the times. This condition is also known as “pinkeye”.

  • Virus

Even viruses cause the condition, “pinkeye”. Other than that; there are a large number of viral infections are prominent in the eyes. When you use contact lenses, your eyes become more prone to be infected.

  • Parasites

Basically; parasites are considered as tiny, microscopic animals. Most of the occasions; they are single cell organisms. Eye-infecting parasites are in the water in swimming pools, tap water or even in hot bathtubs. That is why; it is not wiser to get into swimming pools while wearing contacts. This kind of parasites gets the chance to infect your eyes while you are in the water.

contact lens infection treatment

In addition; keratitis is another corneal infection which is caused by a parasite. Keratitis is also known as corneal ulcers. What happens here is that the cornea gets infected with certain parasites.

Even fungal infections might occur in eyes. But, that is somewhat rare. If you fed up with fungal infections in your eyes frequently, you have to have long-term treatments.

What are the eye infection symptoms because of wearing contact lenses?

Here, we would like to mention a few of the most common symptoms of eye infection due to the usage of contact lenses.

  • Pain in eyes
  • Blurry/unclear vision
  • The feeling of something[dust particle, pollen] is in the eye
  • Burning feeling of eyes
  • Redness of the enter eye
  • Swelling of eyelids
  • Yellowish color, gooey and sticky stuff coming from the eyes
  • Extra production of tears
  • Enhanced light sensitivity
  • Itching

contact lens infection treatment

If you come across through one or more symptoms from the above-mentioned symptoms, you have to stop wearing contact lenses as immediate as possible. Do not forget to see an Eye Surgeon who is really skilled in contact lens-related eye infection treatment soon. There you will be able to have appropriate treatments on time.

Video walkthrough

The following video will guide you the way of applying contacts correctly. Just have a look!

How to get rid of eye infection from contacts?

Here, we would like to share a few of the tips which assist in numerous ways to minimize the risk of getting infections due to the misusage of the contact lens. Actually; these are must follow precautions for each and every contact lens wearer.

As we mentioned above in this post, there is a significant chance for getting various kinds of eye infections because of using contact lens inappropriately. All you need to do is just to follow the precise usage guidelines. Then, of course, you will be able to enjoy contact lens with ultimate freedom.

contact lens infection treatment

  • First of all, make sure to read all the labels which are included on the lenses as well as the contact cleaning solution. In that way, you will able to have a sound idea regarding lenses and the contact cleaning solution.
  • Follow all the directions which have mentioned on the labels of the contact cleaning solution and the contact lenses.
  • Avoid sleeping while wearing contact lenses.
  • Make sure to keep the lens case clean as much as possible.
  • Try to replace the lens case at least every couple of months.
  • Avoid reusing the contact lens cleaning solution.
  • You should have to use a fresh lens cleaning solution every day.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly using a disinfectant or soap before handling contact lenses.
  • Take out contacts before going swimming.
  • Do not get close to hot areas like barbeque making areas as the extremely high temperature can damage contact lenses so that your eyes might be damaged.
  • Remove contacts when you have a bath, shower or a hot bath.
More Tips...

Good news:

There are disposable contact lenses available in the market. If you have the potential of using such disposable contact lenses, of course, there is no need of worrying about contact lenses cases or contact cleaning solutions at all. Typically; those disposable contacts do not cause eye infections. If you are a long-term contact lens user who has fed up with regular eye infection episodes, definitely you can try out disposable contacts. You will be capable of experience the ultimate convenience for the sake of them.

contact lens infection treatment

Final Verdict

We hope to talk about contact lens infection treatment in more detail through our upcoming posts. Just stay tuned with our future posts!

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