How to grow natural hair really longer within few weeks?

Hair plays a bigger role in the overall appearance of a person. That is why; obtaining a healthier as well as longer and shiny hair has become a dream of almost all you guys in this time. Basically; human hair is categorized as an appendage which is mainly made of the protein, Keratin. Hair grows from hair follicles. Generally hair follicles are sacs like structures which are located in the scalp. Keep in your mind that the root of a hair contains in the hair follicle. When compared with the olden days, we live in a polluted environment. It is proven that a number of pollutants make a great impact on our hair through different aspects. Through making this post we are going to reveal how to grow natural hair longer within a shorter period of time. More tips and remedies are coming on the way!

How to grow natural hair – Must know facts

Before seeking how to grow natural hair, there are a few things to keep in your mind thoroughly.

Actually; this description is not for those who are looking for how to grow hair faster in a month. First of all, you should have patience as hair growing is not a rapid process. Here, we would like to emphasize that you cannot expect an overnight progress at all. The typical growth speed of hair is known as around a quarter of an inch per month. That is the minimum speed. But; if you make effective treatments, you can definitely acquire the hair growth speed a half of an inch during the period of one month.

How to grow natural hair – Effective tips how to grow natural hair

Here, we are going to talk about two crucial tips which are really practical in order to grow natural hair faster. What you need mainly is great attention as well as patience. Just go through them one by one.


  • Obtain regular hair trims

Regular trimming plays a great role in hair growth. Through a trim, you can easily remove almost all of the split ends. In that way the tips of hair becomes healthier. Moreover; the split ends become unable to expand the split upwards along the hair. It is recommended that it is wiser to trim an eighth of an inch off for every 10-12 weeks. Consequently; you can avoid the occurring of split ends before their initiation.


  • Conditioning is compulsory for each time you use shampoo

Even though the main target of using a shampoo is the removal of product buildups and dirt, shampoo remove a considerable amount of natural essential oils which make hair healthier and longer. Do not make a heave shampoo treatment. Just use a gentle shampoo treatment instead of that.

Typically; conditioners are great compounds which have the capability of replacing proteins and lipids which are located inside of the hair shaft. Other than that; they help to prevent further damages by sealing the cuticle of hair. This will be great for faster hair growth. It is required to use a conditioner just after each shampooing.

The Bottom Line

We are going to wind up at this point keeping the promise of discussing more about how to grow natural hair through our upcoming posts. Stay tuned with our future posts.


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