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Fight against under-weight -Tips on how to gain weight in a healthy way

Fight against under-weight -Tips on how to gain weight in a healthy way

Hi guys!! how to gain weight ?Today I am going to share one of my personal experiences with you all.Fight against under-weight  Tips on how to gain weight in a healthy way. Well, I lived as a thin, skinny person since I was born. Many used to tease me for that. I was always underweight. No matter what I wear I looked like a stick. This was bothering me all the time. Last year I decided that I should overcome this problem myself. I searched for every option to gain weight and started my own mission. Guys, I am happy to say that now I look like a healthy person with enough muscles and weight. I can do any fashion now and look gorgeous. The best thing is I don’t have to hear anybody calling me “skinny” anymore.

Tips on how to gain weight in a healthy way
Tips on how to gain weight in a healthy way

Tips on how to gain weight in a healthy way

Before moving on to how to gain weight, I will point you out why you should bother about being skinny.

  • You feel lazy and sleepy all the time
  • No enough strength to work
  • You lose your self-confidence
  • You may subject to diseases easily than others
  • Underweight people die at a younger stage than others

Now let’s see why you become skinny??? This is mostly due to some medicals conditions or genetic inheritance. If you have a family background with more than 80% underweight people, then there is a high possibility of you being skinny. Some medical conditions such as eating disorders, thyroid problems, celiac disease, cancers, diabetics and infections too would lead you to under-weight conditions. Stress too is a reason for you becoming skinny. In my case, I had a family background with many skinny relatives. At some point of my life, I thought that I would never be able to gain weight. But today, here I am healthy and smiling radiantly.

Be ready guys….. Now I am going to share my secrets with you.



Well, it occurred to me that I am lacking enough sleep and even though I sleep enough it is not a nice sleep. So I decided to have a nice sleep. Every day I went to bed happily and never thought about sad things before closing my eyes. This helped me to have a very good sleep and I was able to wake up happily in the next morning. I am sure that this reduced my stress a lot.


Guys, this is the most important thing. I started to eat well, not the fast foods and soda, but healthy foods. My breakfast always had an egg. I moved on to foods rich in protein. I reduced coffee and started to drink milk. Most of the time, my meals had either fish or meat. Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt and butter too are full of protein. Now here’s to the vegetarian friends. Don’t worry about anything, because many vegetables and grains are out there with high protein and calorie. Trust me on this, dates can help you to gain more weight than you imagine. You should often eat oats, peanuts, brown rice, chicken, specially beef, potatoes, avocados, etc. Here comes good news for chocolate lovers. Dark chocolate really help to gain weight.


Why do exercises? Because, with all these high calorie meals, you will eventually become fat. Therefore, it’s better to engage in exercises. This will help you to gain fitness and make you stronger.

Follow these three steps daily and it will become a habit. Then you will find yourself as a smart healthy person in the near future.


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