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Important Facts That You Should Know About Tragus Piercing For Migraines.

It seems to be that piercing of various body parts has become a great trend in the modern society. Do you think that these numerous piercing practices are just for transforming the overall appearance of the body? No! There are many reasons behind the most common piercing processes such as nose piercing, nipple piercing, lip piercing, and ear piercing. With reference to the ear piercing, we can see that tragus piercing for migraines as a most popular practice. Can this really be true? Yes, this process is widely used for getting rid of headaches which are caused by migraines. Astonishing, isn’t it? Just go through the following post so that you will be able to grab a load of facts regarding this process. We have looked at the process from different aspects.

Here, we go!

Tragus Piercing for migraines

What is Tragus Piercing for migraines?

Basically; tragus piercing is considered as one of the ear piercing types. Tragus is the cartilage which covers the ear canal partially. What is doing through tragus piercing is just placing a hoop or a stud through the tragus.

Why is tragus piercing for migraines so famous?

Daith piercing is one of the most popular practices which used as a treatment for migraine headaches. Just like that, tragus piercing seems to be a growing trend among individuals who are suffering from migraines. The tragus is the cartilaginous part of the external ear which is located immediately right below the cartilaginous part, the daith.

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By going through the following image, you will be able to get an idea regarding the tragus for a greater extent.

Tragus Piercing for migraines

Let us have a quick look at tragus piercing benefits.

Depending on the acupressure therapy, what we would like to emphasize is that ear piercing assists much in the accelerated development of the brain. There are a number of piercing practices which are practiced in relation to the earlobe.

Enhancement of the accuracy of the hearing as well as eyesight can be known as another outcome of tragus piercing.

It is possible to lessen the potential for occurring impairments in the eyes, the throat, the ears, and the tongue thanks to ear piercing.

Other than that; it has been proven that earlobe piercing has the potential of curing back pains.

A complete guide for how to take care of tragus piercing

Generally; tragus piercing does not make many complications like the other ordinary piercing. But; it is important to know how to care for the tragus piercing. Do not underestimate thinking that this is just a small piercing. Always; keep in your mind thoroughly that the ear cartilage is damaged during the piercing process.

First of all; let us look at how to clean the tragus piercing area appropriately.

In order to wash the tragus piercing are, you can use the normal saline solution or else you can use mild anti-bacterial soap.

Let us have a look at how to clean the piercing are using normal saline in a correct manner.

At the starting point; you have to prepare the normal saline solution. If you can have a ready-to-use normal saline solution, there is no issue with that. If you are going to prepare it for yourself, just do not forget to follow all the instructions below.


  1. Distilled water
  2. Pure iodized salt


  • Measure one cup of warm distilled water.
  • Then; measure a ¼ tablespoon of pure iodized salt.
  • Mix salt in distilled water thoroughly.

That is it!

How to use normal saline on tragus piercing?

You can use a sterilized cotton swab which is soaked with normal saline and then put it in the piercing hole.

If you prefer to use anti-bacterial soap for cleaning the tragus piercing, of course, this is how.

  • Gently rub the tragus piercing area with lukewarm water and soap.
  • Make sure to rub the area for around 30 seconds of time maximum.
  • It is wiser to clean the entire ear with anti-bacterial soap instead of the tragus piercing affected area.

Do not forget!

It is necessary to avoid using skin-drying solutions such as alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and hazelnuts. That is because that kind of chemicals has an irritating characteristic of the skin. You should not even use them for cleaning the earrings as well.

Another important fact that I need to emphasize here is that there is no need of applying any kind of cream-based ointments to the tragus piercing area.

Why is that?

Since the tragus is pretty much closer to the ear canal, there is a probability for causing ear blockage. Other than that; ointments cause poor air circulation to the affected area so that the time taken for healing process gets increased.

Sticking of dirt particles, dust particles, germs can cause numerous infection episodes. Therefore avoid applying any kind of ointments at the tragus piercing area at all.

tragus piercing for migraines

Things to remember!

There are a few important facts that you should have to consider before and after tragus piercing process. Here, we would like to share them one by one.

  • Choose a well-qualified professional for the tragus piercing.
  • Use sterilized tools for the piercing process
  • Earrings should not comprise of sharp and pointed corners.

Have you wondered why?

That kind of earrings blocks the overall contact in between the skin and the earring.

  • Avoid earrings which are made of stainless steel or any metals which consist of nickel.
  • Earrings which are made of metals like titanium, platinum, 14K gold or 18K gold are the best.
  • If you come up with an allergy, it is required to have the supervision of a medical professional.

How can you identify that you have come across through an allergy after tragus piercing?

The following are the main allergic symptoms.

  • Enhancement of the local temperature of the area
  • Redness of the tragus piercing area
  • Reddish color rash
  • itching
  • burning feeling
Video guide

Just go through the following video in order to have a clear idea about this piercing process.

The dark side of tragus piercing

Though we practice tragus piercing for migraines, there are a considerable number of negative consequences of this practice.

There is a potential for getting a number of complications on the ear cartilage tissue. Here are a few of the most prominent complications.

  • Keloids- Keloids is the condition of the damage of the cartilage of the ear
  • Inflammation- Basically; the condition, keloids leads to inflammation of the external ear auricle.
  • More prone to infections
  • Hard to stay at dirty places after tragus piercing as keloids become expanded
  • Ear deformities
  • Cartilage necrosis
  • Sepsis
  • Bacterial infection
  • Toxic shock syndrome
  • Distortion of the ear

Tragus Piercing for migraines

The Bottom Line

Tragus piercing for migraines will make a slight pain most of the times. Though this is kind of a painful operation, just keep in your mind that it is great for minimizing migraine pains. It is possible to use a sedative lotion on the tragus before undergoing through the piercing process. Moreover; you might have to carry on a kind of wound care after piercing the tragus of the ear. Since tiny holes on the tragus can make a considerable impact on the overall beauty and the personality, it is necessary to care them in a proper manner re4gularly. You can just use tiny jewelry in order to give a nice look to the pierced tragus.

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